Stronger industry engagement and partnerships


The Back to Work program

The revitalised Back to Work program is designed to give businesses the confidence to employ Queenslanders who have experienced a minimum period of unemployment and help workers facing disadvantage in the labour market.

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The Growing Workforce Participation Fund

The industry offering of the Back to Work program is the Growing Workforce Participation Fund (the Fund). It is a new approach for the Back to Work program, recognising the importance of industry engagement in creating long-term sustainable employment outcomes for people who experience greater disadvantage in the labour market.

The Fund enables and encourages industry partnerships, including organisations who represent identified groups, to trial new approaches aimed at creating improved job matching, industry specific pre-employment pathways and the development of resources for both jobseekers and employers.

The Fund empowers industry to identify and address unique place-based employment challenges, providing opportunities for employers to support jobseekers and aims to create systemic change to encourage greater labour market participation.

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