Short micro-credential courses available to support employers to recruit and retain their employees

Back to Work Short Courses

Back to Work has developed a range of short courses in partnership with TAFE Queensland to provide additional skills and build confidence for small business employers to encourage retention of their employees.

The Effective workplace leadership course is designed to provide employers with a clear understanding of a range of different styles of leadership and the skills and knowledge that can be used to enhance and define their own leadership style.

Participants will learn about how to apply the different styles of leadership when leading your team. Tips and tools will be provided to enable skills and knowledge developed throughout the course and can be applied in a range of contexts.

This course is designed to provide training on:

  • Leadership as a concept
  • The different styles of leadership
  • How to build your own leadership skills
  • Practical tools and tips for effective leadership.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to leadership
  • Leadership self-assessment
  • Developing skills for effective leadership
  • Teamwork support and mentoring

The Workplace resilience and wellbeing course provides small business owners and other leaders with the necessary skills to build resilience and wellbeing skills in themselves and in others in the workplace.

Participants who undertake this course will be able to:

  • Understand the different types and importance of resilience
  • Use strategies to build resilience in yourself and others
  • Use resilience planning to build resilience and wellbeing in the workplace and
  • Understand the importance of resilience and wellbeing training and support in the workplace.

Topics include:

  • Understanding resilience and wellbeing
  • Building resilience and wellbeing
  • Resilience and wellbeing planning
  • Resilience and wellbeing support tools and resources

The Recruitment for small business course focuses on providing small businesses with knowledge and practical information to enable efficient workforce planning, and lawful, effective recruitment.

Participants will work through the following topics:

  • Workforce planning and development
  • The recruitment cycle and best practice
  • Using the recruitment cycle to find and select suitable employees
  • Recruitment and workforce planning supports and information.


The Communicating effectively with people with disability course focuses on providing small businesses with the context and practical information required to establish and maintain effective communication tailored to the diverse needs of people with disability in the workforce.

Participants will work through the following topics:

  • The diverse needs of people with disability
  • Access and equity for people with disability
  • Effective workplace communication
  • Communicating with people with disability
  • Further support and resources for working with people with disability.

The Cultural inclusiveness: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the workplace course provides employers with the necessary context, practical skills, and knowledge to foster effective communication strategies to support positive working relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Participants will work through the following topics:

  • understanding the significance of cultural identity
  • understanding the impacts of historical events and policies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in current times
  • use of culturally sensitive communication strategies in the workplace
  • use of consultation to improve culturally appropriate communication.

The Cultural responsiveness: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in the workplace course focuses on providing employers with the context and knowledge required to explore and respond to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and cultural needs in workplaces.

Participants will work through the following topics:

  • understanding the components and benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace
  • understanding cultural differences
  • understanding bias and cultural safety
  • building cultural responsiveness in the workplace.

Online enrolment for the free individual online courses is available by clicking the link below.


Back to Work Short Courses Frequently Asked Questions

Online enrolment for the individual courses is available by clicking the link below.



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No. These are standalone courses that introduce you to a wide variety of topics relevant to employment, with a particular focus on supporting small business employers.

Each course should take approximately 1 to 2 hours to complete and is self-paced.

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