Back to Work provides an opportunity for jobseekers and those at risk of unemployment to upskill and retrain for jobs to keep pace with a changing Queensland economy.

Employer Support

The Back to Work Employment Package (Back to Work) provides support of up to $20,000 for employers to take on unemployed jobseekers in regions that are doing it tough. Eligibility criteria apply.

Subject to the availability of funds.

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The Certificate 3 Guarantee Plus (C3GPlus) provides eligible jobseekers with funding for training to help secure local jobs. Training may include ‘second chance’ training for jobseekers or workers who already have a Certificate 3 (or higher) level qualification but need new or updated skills to gain, change or retain employment.

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For jobseekers or employees that require more skills…

Back to Work’s Jobseeker Officers support unemployed jobseekers or employees that are at risk of unemployment to identify and connect with training and skills development.

Jobseeker Officers can undertake Career and Training Assessments which assess an individual’s eligibility for subsidised training and recommend a training pathway including the Certificate 3 Guarantee Plus (C3GPlus). Find your local Jobseeker Officer here.

Back to Work Teams

Back to Work Teams are based throughout Queensland to support both employers and jobseekers locally. Teams include an Employer Officer, a Jobseeker Officer and in some regions a Youth Jobseeker Officer. These teams work in collaboration with employers, service providers and community representatives to assist in building regional employment solutions that meets both current and emerging local needs.

Back to Work Jobseeker Officers

Back to Work Jobseeker Officers work with jobseekers or those at risk of losing their jobs to:

  • Get career advice that helps them to find a job that suits them
  • Find training that is linked to real jobs in the region
  • Help jobseekers to determine their individual skills, as well as services and support that may be of assistance
  • Provide independent advice on career and training opportunities


Back to Work Employer Officers

Back to Work Employer Officers work with employers who are considering employing local jobseekers. This includes:

  • Working directly with employers to assist and advise them in relation to the Back to Work program
  • Providing guidance on other Government supports and services available to employers
  • Representing the Back to Work program at employment industry events and meetings.
Travis has grown in confidence and self-assuredness because of this employment opportunity.
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Is this for me?

The easy way to find out what you can apply for is to take the Back to Work questionnaire:
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